Frankincense Oil

People have been using essential oils for many years due to their healing and therapeutic properties. This oil is obtained from the stems, leaves, roots and fruits of certain plants. Frankincense oil is also referred to as olibanum, and it is mainly used in aromatherapy where it offers a wide range of health benefits. It is used in relieving anxiety and chronic stress, boosting immunity, fighting cancer and reducing inflammation and pain.

Source of Frankincense oil

This oil is obtained from a plant known as Boswellia carterii. The tree grows naturally in Somalia. It is a hardy tree which can thrive in poor soils and desolate conditions. Frankincense has a long history in religion. It was the first gift that the wise men gave the baby Jesus.

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This oil is used by inhaling it. Alternatively, it can be mixed with a carrier oil and then applied on the skin. It is easily absorbed through the skin. This oil helps in transmitting messages to the brain’s limbic system thus influencing the nervous system. You should avoid taking large quantities of this oil through ingestion since it could be toxic.

Main uses of Frankincense oil

Stress- relieving bath soak

This oil induces a feeling of relaxation, peace, and satisfaction immediately it is taken. A few drops of this oil can be added to your hot bath to relief stress. Farankisence oil can also be added to a vaporizer or diffuser to help in fighting anxiety. There are some people who believe that this oil can be used for increasing their spiritual and intuition connection.

Natural household cleaner

It has potent antiseptic properties which help it in eliminating viruses and bacteria. This product acts as a strong disinfectant when it is burned. It is also used in reducing indoor pollution. Some people use it for deodorizing and disinfecting their rooms at home.

Anti-aging fighter

This oil has powerful astringent ffeqgeqgegeccvproperties which are beneficial in protecting the skin cells. It is also used widely in reducing acne, blemishes, when it is applied to the skin Frankincense oil, helps in preventing wrinkles as well as tightening of the skin naturally.

Relieving inflammation and pain

This oil is used in lowering the symptoms associated with muscle or joint pain. It also helps in improving circulation. This helps in treating conditions such as digestive disorders, asthma, and arthritis. This is done by diffusing or this oil on the painful area. It can also be used in decreasing muscle aches when it is used in a hot bath.