Top Benefits of a Chicken Coop

With a lot of buzz about the benefits of rearing free-range poultry, you might even forget about getting a chicken coop. The truth is that well-designed coops like these are friendlier to the chicken. Moreover, it helps keep your chicken comfortable and safe. Therefore, getting the right one can help boost your poultry’s profitability and productivity. These are some of the reasons you should get a chicken coop.

Adequate Safety

A sturdy, strong chicken coop helps keep away various predators. The common chicken predators include rats, hawks, snakes, cats, and owls. In addition, it ensures the chicken does not go into an unsafe area. That is necessary if you reside in an urban area or near roads.

Comfortable Shelter

Although chickens adapt to various weather conditions and climate, they need comfortable shelter. Remember that you need to protect your chicken from harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds, thunderstorms, and extreme cold. The chicken coop keeps your poultry safe and comfortable from harsh weather.

Roosting Space

You should note that chickens need a safe place to roost. Therefore, your coop should be well-designed to support that. The right coop allows the chickens to roost but maintains their hierarchy. In this way, it helps prevent territorial behaviors that can result in bullying or fighting the flock. Moreover, you can be sure to have healthy chickens.

Comfortable Laying Space

outdoor chicken hoopMaybe you are rearing chickens for eggs. If that is the case, you need a coop that supports the laying of eggs. It needs to have laying space to ensure the hens produce a lot of eggs. Make sure your cook has designated laying spaces to ensure the hens are at ease when laying. In addition, it becomes easy to collect your eggs without causing disturbance and stress to birds.


Sometimes you might need to confine your chickens to a small area. This is necessary to keep the chickens away from your property. For instance, if you need to take your dogs out, you can put back your chicken into the coop to avoid unnecessary confrontations. Also, if you have planted a new garden, you do not want your vegetables and flowers to be destroyed by the chicken.

Easy Feeding

As you know, the chickens get used to routines and habits. Therefore, you can use the coop to teach them good habits. For instance, they can know the feeding area. This helps you monitor your flock and check for health problems.