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3 Ways to Keep Your Weeds Safe from Kids

Being a weed user entails a lot of responsibilities. First, you are responsible for your own self, and second, you have a responsibility toward the people near you. It pays to heed both.

Being a responsible weed user means that you should know your limits; what your body and mind can contain. It will be best if you always remember that you can be affecting the lives of people close to you. In this case, it helps if you know where, when, and how you should use marijuana so as not to give you the harmful effects and to that of your loved ones.

Keeping weeds at home can indeed be hazardous if your young kids get hold of them. They may play with them and scatter them everywhere, will try to use them the way they saw you do it if they ever did, or bring it out that may divulge your being a weed user. You don’t want those to happen, of course.

It really pays to be very cautious on how to conceal your weeds from other members of your family, especially your kids. Here are ways on how you can keep off your kids away from your precious weeds.

Use Custom-Made Mylar Bags

weedsMylar bags are usually used when transporting weeds because they can contain the smell within. Dispensaries use heat seal technology so it can reach your home in air-tight, controlled packaging. It may be better to go for bags with a zip-lock style, so you need not transfer your weeds to another container when you open it.

If you are keeping more weed supplies at home, it helps if you know where to buy the best Mylar bags. This shop supplies high quality mylar bags for weed/marijuana. With a smell-proof bag, you can conceal your weeds from your nosey kids and other not supportive family members.

Keep Your Weeds in a Safe

If you are a weed user, your supply of weeds may be as precious as your money. Keep your weeds in a safe just like you do to your cash, gun, and important documents. You need not buy another safe for your weeds. Place the weeds in a resealable Mylar bag before placing them in your money safe so the smell will not transfer to the bills and other essential stuff.

Be at Home When the Weeds Are Delivered

weedsWhen you are buying your weeds online, you should always know the time when the delivery of your weeds will be delivered. This will ensure that you will be receiving your weeds personally and not anybody from your household who might open the package out of curiosity.

Indeed, when using weeds, you should not only think of yourself but consider the people around you, especially your young kids.