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Tips On Selecting The T-shirt Printing Service

Custom t-shirt printing is quite popular nowadays. This is because it gives you freedom to choose and customize graphics and words, which they have on their shirts. There are several t-shirt printing companies out there. You can also buy your own printing machine. The following are some of the things to take into account when choosing a t-shirt printer or even a printing company.

Number of t-shirts

How man t-shirtsy of them do you want to print? Do you need to print just one for a family reunion, club, entire debate club, or even department? Remember that some companies only print shirts that are in bulk. Therefore, if you want to print only a single one, the companies are not likely to work for you. It is advisable to check out possible wholesale prices and discounts.

Type of design

The type of design is an important element to take into account. Some firms have design presets, which you can choose from. This allows others to come up with your customized design and print for you.

Timeframe and location

This is quite important when you want shirts quickly. For instance, if you require shirts in three days, it is foolish to choose a company, which needs a minimum of 6 days. Thus, you should find out how long it can take to get the shirts back to where a company is located. Therefore, this is an important factor, which you need to take into account.

Method of submission

Printing companies need that you submit the design of a thumb drive or CD that can work for you. You need to choose a company that is located near you. Some companies operate online. You can email them your design, and they will do the printing.


This is another important thing to consider. Remember that quality is very important. Thus, you should give you the value of your money. If you order in bulk, you are likely to enjoy quantity discounts.


Design skills

If you understand the design but do not have graphic design skills to create yourself. It is advisable to choose a printing service that will do the design for you.


You also need to find out the reputation of the company before making your decision. Some companies are very good at printing.