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Important Mentoring Exercises For Your School

The monitoring process is very important in schools. For monitoring to be effective, all the must discuss the possible scenarios to come up with the best solution or find the most appropriate actions. Here are some of the scenarios:

Situation 1school report

You might be approached to improve your school’s website. You might be asked to improve the content of that website to make it more appealing to the parents and students. However, the budget provided to you might be insufficient. You may decide to use the search engine to source for more materials to improve the school’s website content. All these materials need to be paid for since the content- originators could be overseas. What should happen? How would you react? How would you respond?

Situation 2

You could be tasked to mentor the process of running your school’s annual magazine. You are required to raise the highest amount of money as possible from the sale of these magazines. This would force you to squeeze more ad. You would have to weigh between a book shop and the fast food chain which probably sell unhealthy food. The fast food chain might be willing to increase the payment for the available ad space. It might also be willing to offer a special discount on the meals. What decision would you make in such a scenario?

Situation 3

If you want to create a robust mentoring culture, then you would be required to give back- wiki concept is very important

  • In sports- the participants should be given an opportunity of sharing the various tips that would help in improving their performance
  • In academics- the subject heads should contribute their ideas on how teaching can be improved.

Situation 4

Assume that your school is plaboy singingnning to stage a traditional music dance for the grand opening ceremony of a new project. You might be given a task of choosing a script. However, you are going to cope with budget constraints due to the limited resources. Additionally, the time available could be limited. How do you move on with such a situation?


Situation 5

Assume that there is an ongoing economic slowdown as well as a weak employment situation. You could be tasked to give your students a talk that would enable them to make an informed decision when they are choosing their career paths. How will you manage to help them feel that their career choices are still viable? Does it mean that you are going to be pragmatic?